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Linda Sutton
London, UK

Welcome to my website. Here you'll find a profile of my work, as well as information about forthcoming exhibitions

Opera Tarot Linda Sutton

Spade 09 - Lucia di Lammermoor

Linda Sutton

November 2020:       


In 2012, I began a deck of tarot cards, all on opera. I wanted every painting to have an appropriate situation or person in opera, fulfilling the meaning of each tarot card. Hopefully, I have managed to include most of the major operatic composers. The writer Philip Carr-Gomm has accompanied my deck, with a brilliant and erudite text.

THE OPERA TAROT is available to purchase!

Containing 80 tarots cards (including two alternatives) measuring 13x9cms, printed on 350gms card. Each painting printed in full colour, depicting a person or situation in opera. 2 books with meanings and explanations. One in English, the other translated into Italian.

This is a high quality deck, with an outer slip- case case approximately 14x10.5x6cms. Rose- gold leaf writing on inner and outer boxes. Rose- gold edges to cards and backs.

Some tarot paintings include historic or living opera singers.

This edition, signed and numbered by the artist, is limited to 1000 copies.

Price £65 each. Postage & packing to a UK address: £5 for one or more copies. Europe: £15 for one or more.

10 copies or more will be sent carriage free, worldwide.

To order or enquire, please email: